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Linkr™ is one of the fastest,
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A one-stop link building services shop, Linkr™ lets you choose the keywords, landing pages and type of links you want from a wide variety of services and lets you select the PageRank of the link’s placement page. Links are built by trained and certified link builders who love building links and are absolutely fluent in their link building language.

Order as many links as you’d like (no minimum quantity) and get full access to invaluable SERP progress reports as well as detailed link statistics.

No more generic and automated "What a great post!" or "I really enjoyed this article" responses. Linkr™ delivers high quality posts, relevant to your keywords and placed on trustworthy pages. Also, you pay only once for a link that will serve you for at least 3 years.

Linkr™ is made especially for SEO agencies, but if you’re a company or person who knows their way around the online marketing world we think you’ll love Linkr™ too.

The comments were rich and relevant to the anchor and landing page of the link. I could actually understand what was written and the comments were certainly not generic sounding.
- Laura Cruz, SEJ.

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