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Link Warranty

Our link building experts are trained and certified to build outstanding links, yet if for some reason you’re dissatisfied, you can dispute a link, no questions asked.

Our link warranty

We pose strict standards for our link builders on where and how links need to be built. We always verify that a link is placed on a page with well written content and a high TR and that link content is original, relevant and well written. This is why we’re absolutely confident in standing behind our links and offering you a 30 day link warranty. If you aren’t fully happy with a link or it’s removed we will revaluate the link and rebuild it, at no extra charge. If this happens, the 30 day link warranty begins anew. We will never leave you hanging.

Why 30 days?

After building thousands of links and tracking their progress over a few years, we know that a link’s first 2 weeks of existence are a crucial time period. Our statistics show that the vast majority of Linkr™ links that survive for 2 weeks after being published will continue to exist for at least three years. That’s huge. So, to make sure your link will benefit you for a long, long time to come, we give you 30 days to make sure that the link has survived and is doing its job.