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Certified Link Builders

Our professional training and certification program ensures that our link builders are building exceptional, high quality links.

A link is only as effective as the person who builds it

It’s easy to build a generic link, but if it won’t help your business performance, what’s the point? All of our link builders are trained and certified professionals who love building great links and are fluent in their link-building language. Each team member goes through a serious training period during which they become certified for building the best links in the most relevant and trusted locations. Our certification program includes:

  • Language Proficiency Tests

    Every link builder passes a language test to verify they can read and write fluently and richly in the language they are linking in.

    Learn more about supported Linkr languages

  • Page Quality Analysis Tests

    Before building actual links, every link builder must first learn to locate high quality, trustworthy pages with well written content relevant to the linking campaign. This includes learning how to gauge a page’s TrustRank and ensuring all content is positively related to the campaign. Link builders are also taught to look for incoherent or incomplete sentences and spelling errors as they can lower a page’s quality score and link effectiveness.

  • Service Qualification Tests

    A link builder can create links for a specific service only after they have been trained and tested for link building in that service. A link builder with a certification for Forums will never create a link for a Blog Comment. Training also includes link placement simulations before actual link building.

  • Performance Profile

    Each of our link builders has a profile detailing their link building certification, link building history and the performance of their links. If a link builder doesn’t adhere to our strict link building guidelines they risk losing their certification and being expelled from Linkr™.