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SERP Tracking

Linkr™ provides you with real-time reports about your URL SERP progress.

Easily keep track of your campaign’s SERP progress

Creating high quality inbound links is a central way to raise
your URL SERP rankings.

Because that’s what you’re using
Linkr™ for, we created the Dashboard and made it simple
for you to track your URL’s SERP advancement.

At any given moment we are crawling the web
and updating the Dashboard with real-time graphs and
reports about your SERP rankings.

The Linkr™ Dashboard

  • The Dashboard displays your Google Rankings graphically, by day, week or month of your choosing and by link service type.
  • The Dashboard easily lets you analyze which link services and link quantities have the most impact on your SERP rankings which can help you plan more effective Linkr™ campaigns for the future.
  • All reports are Excel exportable.