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Why Linkr?

Linkr™’s link building services are a safe, fast and effective way to improve your site’s rankings and visibility. At Linkr™ we do things differently from most link building companies and those differences are what make us great.

  • Link diversity at
    your fingertips

    Effortlessly build many diverse links in different services, all from one place. Linking in blog comments, forum posts, bookmarks, Q&As and more increases your site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

  • Pay for published
    links only

    Other companies charge you for links that haven’t been published – kind of like being in a kayak without a paddle. With Linkr™ you pay for published links only.

  • One-time payment for
    a long term, stable link

    Unlike most link building companies, who charge a monthly fee, with Linkr™ you pay one time for a link that will most likely be active for at least three years.

  • Links built by
    certified professionals

    Each and every Linkr™ link builder goes through a rigorous certification course so they know how to build the best links in the most relevant and trustworthy locations.

  • Fresh, original content
    = search engine safe

    We love animals, but we can’t stand link farms. Linkr™ links are placed on Google indexed pages found through real time searches, not through a pre-existing link database. This means your links are seen as completely natural by search engines and they don’t set off any red flags.

  • Link warranty -
    risk free

    Our link warranty assures that you are as happy with your link as we are- if not more so. We stand by our links fully, but if for some reason you are dissatisfied you can easily dispute a link, no questions asked.