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TrustRank Scan

All link placement sites are trustworthy and free of negative content. We ensure this by performing automated TrustRank scans and by taking the time to do manual checks as well.

Automated TrustRank scan

Linking from a page with a low TR will negatively affect the SERP rankings of the URL in that link. That’s why Linkr™ performs manual and automated content checks of pages on which links are placed. All pages are first checked manually by the link builder and then checked again through an automated check. If a link site is found to have a low TR, the link building team is alerted and a new location with a high TR is found.

Trustworthy content

TrustRank is highly influenced by the type of content on a site as well as the content of sites linked to it. Sites featuring adult content, online gambling, spam and/or violence have a terrible impact on TrustRank and we have a strict policy against sites with this kind of content. We will never build a link on a website with this kind of negative content and we will never create a link for a website with such content- we like to be able to sleep peacefully.