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Link Building Services

Diverse links are an essential part of making linking seem natural and credible in the eyes of search engines.

Link diversity is crucial

Building links in a variety of services boosts your site’s credibility and makes the linking seem more organic, which search engines love. We know that link diversity is essential, so we offer it all – from blog comments, forum posts, bookmarks and Q&As to articles, directory submissions and more. Linkr™ provides the easiest way to build a large amount of diverse links in a variety of services, all from a single platform. Regardless of the type of link, you’ll never find us saying things like “What a great post!” or “I really agree with what you said.” We take the time to write relevant, detailed responses which make your link more effective.

Forum Link Building

We find forums that provide serious discussions about topics related to your campaign and every comment we write is relevant so it strengthens your site. Forum managers tend to delete anything that resembles spam so we make it a point to invest lots of time in the fine details. We build trustworthy users who work solely one on project and we always include a profile picture, personal bio and little details, like hobbies.
A forum link is usually contained in the signature.

Blog Comment Links

Blog commenting is one of the most powerful SEO strategies. We perform real time searches for (and post on) blogs that have a high quantity of keywords related specifically to your site – this makes for extremely high quality links. Also, you select the PageRank of the actual blog post you’d like the link on, not just the root domain PR.

Article Submissions

Articles are written manually by our content writing experts who
are certified in article writing and do in-depth research before submitting each article. Search engines notice duplicates and penalize for them. So, although it takes lots of time and effort,
we make sure each article is original and unique, every time.

Social Bookmarking Links

Social bookmarks are a fun and popular way to share great links and discover new content. We use proxy servers for all our bookmarks so they come from different IPs and accounts. We’re not big on risk taking when it comes to your links!

Q&A Links

Question & answer databases are a quickly growing form of online discussion and a powerful tool when it comes to link building and SEO. We love to connect by giving advice and answering questions, so Q&A link building comes naturally to us. Like forums, effective Q&A link building is all about the user profiles, so we take the extra time to make them great. For every linked answer we create we’ll write a few unlinked responses to related questions. That’s why our users are trusted and some even win awards for their great answers.

Manual Directory Submission

When submitting a link to a directory we search for high quality directories and place links in the categories and subcategories most relevant to the anchor. As a result, your site is grouped with other sites that have similar content and link credibility is increased. Directory submissions are always well written and keyword-centric.