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Fresh, Original Content

We don’t believe in using link farms, wizards or monkeys with little hats when building links. All of our links are created in real time by real people who perform great searches and find outstanding link placements.

“Good poetry is forged slowly and patiently, link by link.”

All of our links are built manually, by certified professionals, link by link. We never use link farms, link exchanges, or duplicate links and we never choose link placements from a pool. Simply put, our links are built by performing real time queries and searching for the most relevant and trusted link placement. This means that search engines have absolutely no way of knowing a link was purchased- our links represent real people generating true actions.

We like swimming, we hate link pools

Placing links on pages taken from a link pool makes for links with low content relevancy, low TrustRanks and red flags for search engines. That’s why we never use link farms or any other shortcuts in our link building. Every link we build is placed on a page found through performing a real-time search for content related to your keywords and campaign.

We have great link placement

Link sites are always checked in depth by link builders to guarantee all the content is relevant, positive and well written.
Why it’s important: Say, for example, your anchor text is “New York Hotel” and after performing a real time search we find a page that, at first glance, seems to be talking all about New York Hotels- great! Or is it? After taking a closer look (which we always do) it turns out the page is actually talking about a horrible crime that took place in a New York Hotel- not exactly something you want to associate your site with. Because we take the extra time to verify link placement, a Linkr™ link will always represent your website positively and accurately.

Our links get noticed by the right people in the right places

As our placement queries are done using Google search, we only use pages that are returned by Google, meaning they have been crawled and indexed. This ensures that your links and your site are noticed by Google and will be positively impacted. accurately.

Similarly, we make sure that people who shouldn’t see your links don’t see them. We will never mention a client or project’s name in our posts or comments. This prevents anything related to your linking campaign from showing up in the SERP when a client’s company is searched for. This way, the SEO is visible to Google and other search engines, but invisible to potential customers.