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Order Links

The Order Links section of the Campaign Management menu is where you place orders for links for a campaign.

Before you order make sure that:

Next, step into the link building platform by clicking Order Links from the Campaign Management menu and follow the easy steps below to order some sensational links.

  1. Select service type

    Select the service in which you’d like your link to appear. Choose from Blog Comments, Bookmarks, Directory Submissions, Forums or Q&A and click on that service’s line. Learn more about the different services.

  2. Select anchor & landing page

    In the service you’ve selected, choose one anchor and one landing page from their respective drop down lists (Select Anchor… & Select Landing Page…).

    Please Note: After you select an anchor, a small flag icon will appear to the left of the anchor text.

    The flag corresponds with the anchor’s language and affects how Linkr™ prices the link.

    Feature: If Linkr™ misidentified the anchor’s language you can click on the flag icon and manually change the language.

  3. Choose quantity

    After selecting a combination of one anchor and one landing page select the Amount of links you’d like built for this specific anchor and landing page combination in this service. When you change the Amount from 0 to 1 or more, Linkr™ automatically recalculates the Fee for the link(s) (visible to the right of the Amount column).

    Special Case: Blog Comments
    In the Blog Comments service there is an absence of an Amount column. Instead, the amount is defined by an additional parameter, the PR (Page Rank). When you order a Blog Comment link you must select the PR of the blog post on which you’d like the link to appear. If the anchor you’ve selected is in English, you can select to place your link on a blog post with PR0 up until PR5. If the anchor is not in English you can select from PR0 to PR3. To sum up, when ordering blog comment links you must select the amount of links you want per Page Rank of the blog post on which the link will appear.

  4. Repeat Process

    Repeat the process for each link you want and for each service you want the link in.

    Please Note: It is possible to use the same combination of anchor and landing page more than once and for more than one service.

    Tip: Ordering links in a variety of services will boost your link-profile credibility in the eyes of Google and make the linking seem more organic. Get ready for some Google love.

    Feature: As you work click on the Save button at the bottom. This automatically saves the order and lets you access it from the Drafts link in the Campaign Management menu.

  5. Place Order

    Within a service, on the right side of each row are the fees for those links. You can also see the cumulative fee for each service on the right side of its top row. At the bottom of the order form you can see the Total Fee for the order.
    Once you’ve completed setting up all the links you want to order, click the Order Now button on the bottom right side of the order form to place your order with Linkr™. At this point the cost of the order is subtracted from your credit.

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The Drafts section of the Campaign Management menu is where you can review orders which you’ve saved. If you have a link building order you want to start entering now and get back to later simply enter the order normally in the Order Links form and use the Save button on the bottom. Go back to the order at any time by selecting Load Draft under the drafts menu. When you select Load Draft the order will open up in the Order Links form. Here you can edit the order and save it as a draft again or you can place it.

Tip: The save button is also a great idea if you’re entering a large order which may take longer than usual. To make sure you aren’t timed out just click Save as you go along and ensure your work won’t disappear.

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